Baking has long been, if not the main, then one of the most important food products. Bread gives a person vitality and energy. It contains vitamins of group B and biologically active substances and minerals necessary for the body. Pies, on the other hand, are the most satisfying product and help restore strength after a hard day's work.

SKYEXPO respects the traditions of Russian bakers and uses only fresh, high-quality natural ingredients. That is why our pastries are so delicious! The dough in our pies is tender and airy, and there are always a lot of toppings!

Pies are perfect for lunches at the office with colleagues or a family dinner. The weight of the cake is 1 kg.

Your order will be ready within a day after the call.
Tel. +7-913-468-30-60

There are several filling options available:
  • with cabbage 400 rub.
  • with saury and rice 950 rub.
  • with potatoes and mushrooms 500 rub.
  • with chicken and mushrooms 780 rub.
  • with minced meat 920 rub.
  • with cherry 900 rub.
Attention! Pies are baked to order! Orders are accepted by phone +7 (383) 373-23-68, from Monday to Friday!