The swimming-pool with hammam and a sauna is located on the ground floor of SKYEXPO hotel.

Guests are offered a large fitness/wellness center, which includes a swimming pool with saunas, showers, changing rooms and a gym, everything you need for sports and recreation.

Swimming is one of the best ways to relax and enhance immunity, as it is swimming that involves almost all muscle groups. Swimming, like no other sport, can help you bring yourself into shape, keep fit and improve your health. Swimming in the pool has a positive impact on strengthening the muscles, joints, forming correct, beautiful posture, increases efficiency, reduces stress and promotes good sleep. Swimming pool is a perfect and simple way of conditioning, which has a positive influence on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, increases the resistance to disease.

The swimming pool of SKYEXPO features the cutting-edge technology of water purification and supply. The length of the pool is 12 meters.

The best wellness effect can be achieved if you visit a swimming pool in combination with sauna. That is why SKYEXPO hotel invites you to enjoy the sauna and hammam. The optimal temperature and humidity of the sauna helps to improve health and spirits, has a positive effect on the skin, cleanses the body of toxins, restores muscle. A sauna with a swimming pool will make your stay at the hotel both pleasant and useful.

The area also features showers and changing rooms to make your visit more comfortable. The guests visiting the sauna are provided towels.

The fitness/wellness center includes a gym (a link to the gym), which gives you a feeling of ease and boosts your energy.

The swimming-pool and saunas are public access areas.

Working hours: round the clock.

To buy a season pass to the fitness/wellness center, please contact the reception at phone +7 (383) 363-33-88