Additional service

For comfortable rest and fruitful work hotel SKYEXPO offers a number of free and paid services.

Free services:

Wi-Fi Internet access   inside the hotel,
machine for cleaning shoes  1 floor
cash machine (Visa, Visa Electrone,
Mastercard, Maestro, American express)    
1 floor
ironing room 2 and 6 floor
ordering a taxi to the airport reception
the luggage storage reception
150 space-parking 24/7 in front of the hotel
a covered walkway to the exhibition centre     2 floor
slippers, personal washing compositions in each room
drinking water (0,5 l/day) per person in each room
the wake up call reception
newspapers lobby bar
safe deposit box reception
satellite TV in each room
electric tea kettle reception

For an additional fee you can use the services:

                       ironing and laundry (price list)
                       minibar in each room (filled in with a deposit)

If you need snack or magazine, maybe you forgot your toothbrush? We offer to purchase all this and more at the reception of the hotel.

On sale:

Apple juice (0,2 l.)   35 rub.
Orange juice (0,2 l.)  35 rub.
Coca-cola (0,5 l.) 75 rub.
Fanta (0,5 l.) 75 rub.
Sprite (0,5 l.) 75 rub.
Drinking water non-carbonated (1,5 l.)   60 rub.

Vodka (0.25 l.)

250 rub.
Canned beer (0,5 l.)
Dry white wine (0,25 l.)
Dry red wine (0,25 l.
90 rub.
370 rub.
370 rub.

Mars (50 gr.)

40 rub.
Twix (55 gr.) 40 rub.

Chips (85 gr.)

70 rub.
Rusks (40 gr.) 25 rub.

Dental kit (toothpaste+brush)

50 rub.
Shaving kit (machine+shaving cream) 100 rub. 
Sewing kit 50 rub.
Swimming trunks 500 rub.

Hidden Siberia Magazine

500 rub.

The sale is for cash and cashless payments. To purchase, please contact the reception at +7 (383) 363-88-33, 363-00-88.